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Temporizador digital

Timer Seleccionable 110VAC 96x96mm

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  • Digital display for timer value

  • Selectable scale with 0 ... 9.99 or 0 ... 99.9 or 0 ... 999 min

  • Selectable mode A (on-delay) and mode B (off-delay) output functions

  • Start by start input

  • Reset by reset input

  • Easy setting procedure

  • CE marked according to European Norm

  • Environmental Conditions
    Ambient/Storage Temperature 0...50 ºC / -25...70 ºC
    Relative Humidity 80% relative humidity for temperatures up to 31 °C, decreasing linearly to 50% at 40 °C
    Protection Degree According to EN 60529 Front panel: IP60, Rear panel: IP20
    Height Max. 2000m
    Electrical Characteristics
    Supply 230V AC +10% -20% or 24V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz or 9-30V DC / 7-24V AC ±10% SMPS
    Power Consumption Max. 6VA
    External Connections Plug-in terminals
    Scale 0 ... 9.99 or 0 ... 99.9 or 0 ... 999 min(selectable)
    Reset Time ±1 digit
    Accuracy ±4% for analog scale, ±0.5% for timer display(of full scale)
    Start Contact input (during min. 5ms)
    Reset Contact input
    Control output Relay: 250V AC, 2A (for resistive load), NO+NC or 12V DC 20mA logic output
    Life Expectancy Mechanical 30.000.000 operations (under no load), Electrical 300.000 operations (2A at 250V AC, resistive load)
    Output function "Mode A:Control output is energized after setting time is over"
    "Mode B:Control output is energized during setting time"
    A/D Converter 10 bits
    Mounting Method Panel mounting
    Dimensions W96xH96xD50 mm
    Weight Approx. 250g (after packaging)
    Enclosure Material Self extinguishing plastics


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