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Aislante Conector Hembra

Aislante Conector Hembra

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Technical details

Product description
Model female insert
Version crimp connections
Series CD
Product type for female contacts 10A
Style grey colour coded according
Family CLASS inserts
Size size "21.21"
N. of poles 7 poles +
Technical data
Current 10 A (A.C. and D.C.)
Voltage 250  V
Rated impulse withstand voltage 4kV
Pollution degree 3
Operating temperature range (min, max) -40°C … +125°C
Mating cycles ≥ 500
IP degree of protection IP20 without enclosure, IP44/IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69 with enclosure
PE connection type Crimp
PE terminal stripping length 8 mm (6 mm for 2,5 mm²)
PE wire cross-section 0,14-2,5 mm²; AWG 26-14
Tightening torque for PE connection M4: 1,2 Nm, 10,6 lb,in (Ph2 or 1,0x5,5mm )
Further technical details
Characteristics according to EN 61984 10A 250V 4kV 3; 10A 230/400V 4kV 2
Insulation resistance ≥ 10 GΩ
Contact resistance ≤ 3 mΩ
Rated voltage according to UL/CSA 600V
UL 94 flammability rating V-0
Main contats stripping length 8 mm (6 mm for 2,5 mm²)
Tightening torque for fixing screws M3: 0.5 Nm; 4.4 lb.in (0.5x3 mm)
Weight 9,00 g

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