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Consola LAG-14 ER

Consola Unidad Control ATEX

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For double-walled tanks with liquid in the interstitial space.
For monitoring water-polluting liquids stored aboveground.
The LAG container can be installed in hazardous areas
zones I and II (e.g. manhole of petrol tanks). Approved for all suitable tanks under atmospheric conditions.
Since July 2003, the LAG-14 leak detector may only be used for replacement deliveries for underground,
double-walled tanks as a result of the reclassification of water-polluting liquids in Germany!
Class II leak detector (EN 13160-1), with intrinsically safe probe circuit. The system consists of a control
unit, a container for leak detection fluid (LAG container black) and a probe. Control unit with operating and
alarm indicators, audible/visual alarm, test button and increased interference protection. The audible
alarm can be muted with the Acknowledge button. The voltage-free relay contact is provided for connection
of additional external alarm equipment (such as horns,) or an additional alarm unit ZAG 01.
With fail-safe mode: Alarm is triggered if the probe fails. Suitable for panel mounting with a mounting
frame; a sealing kit (IP 54) is available for rough application conditions. The LAG container serves as
detection container and as expansion vessel at the same time. For aboveground tanks, the ratio
between usable contents and total volume of leak detection fluid must be no more than 1:35. If the
interstitial space has a greater volume, you must use additional containers.


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