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Diaphragm pressure switch

Diaphragm pressure switch, body steel, max. 250 V

IVA no incluido



Model Range: 0184

SUCO - Diaphragm pressure switch, 250 V
Case zinc-plated steel
Changeover with silver contacts
with connector plug

Adjustable ranges:
0,3 ... 1,5 bar up to 10 ... 100 bar

Overload safety:
100 up to 300 bar

Diaphragm pressure switch with high SUCO - quality standard. Pressure switch with connector plug according to DIN EN 175301 (DIN 43650), as Wechsler with silver contacts. Hysteresis can be set in our work. This switch has self-cleaning contacts for a long working life and is high overpressure safety.

With connection plug or protective cap to protect against moisture and dirt available, and thus easy replacement on site by service personal.

Fördertechnik, Fluidtechnik, Walzeinrichtungen, Reinigungssysteme, Verfahrenstechnik, etc.

Please choose the right sealing:
NBR = Hydraulic / machine oil, turpentine, heating oil, air etc.
EPDM = brake fluid, ozone, acetylen, hydrogen etc.
FKM = hydraulic fluids (HFA, HFB, HFC, HFD), petrol/gasoline etc.

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