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Final de Carrera

Final de carrera roldana 18mm metal, uso industrial d=18mm, acción angular

IVA no incluido


Prismatic metallic housing and cover
PG13,5 cable entry

G eneral Specifications
Operating Temparature -5/+40°C
Mechanical life 10 Million (3000 open-close/hour
Electrical Life 1 Million (1800 open-close/hour)
C.Block Tightening Torque 0,6-0,8 Nm
C.Block Connection Wire Profile Min: 1x0,5 mm'2
Wire Profile Max: 2x2,5 mm'2
Protection Degree IP65

General Specifications
Range Of Use AC15
Operating Voltage Ue 240V AC
Fregquency f 50Hz
Operating Current Ie 3A
Insulation Resistance Ui 500V
Stroke Resistance Voltage Uimp 6kV
Dielectrical Strength 1500V AC

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