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Final de carrera Contact. 1NO+1NC. Actuator. Roller Lever. Actuator Dia. 14 mm. Current. Ie. 3 A (240V AC)

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Contact 1NO+1NC
Actuator Roller Lever
Actuator Dia 14 mm
Current Ie 3 A (240V AC)
Usage Category AC15
Mechanical Life Min Qty 10000000
Electrical Life Min Qty 1000000
Operating Frequency On-Off/Hour Mech. 3000 Elec. 1800
Insulation Voltage Ui 300 V
Impulse Withstand
Voltage Uimp 2.5 kV
Dielectric Strength
(Body-Contact) 1.890V AC
Dielectric Strength
(Contact-Contact) 1.890V AC
Isolation Resistance 10 MΩ (500 V DC)
Operating Temperature -25 / + 80 °C
Pollution Degree 3
Protection Degree IP65
Contact Material AgNi
Cable Section 1-2.5 mm2
Screw Torque 1.5Nm
Short Circuit Breaking
Capacity Ics 1 kA
Production Time 31.12.1899 00:00:00
Serial L51 Metal Body
Contact Action Snap Action
Actuator Material Plastic
Specifications Metal Body and Cover
1 side PG13,5 or M20x1,5 hole
Various actuator options with wide sensitive contact block alternatives for
all kind of applications
Standards / Certificates TS EN 60947-5-1 UL 508 VDE 0660

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