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Time switch 72X72 7DAYS 230V

IVA no incluido


Technical Characteristics

Type of programming: analog
Cycle: weekly
Number of modules: 4
Supply failure reserve: 150 h
Number of contacts: 1
Type of contacts: 1 changeover
Shortest switching time: 60 mn
Fixing mode: surface-mounting
Summer / Winter time change: manual
Number of program steps: 84
Supply voltage: 230V AC
Breaking capacity: 16A 250V AC1
Frequency: 50 Hz
Total power loss under IN: 1 W
Max. power with incandescent lamps: 1000 W
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable: 1 / 6mm²
Connection cross-sect. flexible cable: 1 / 6mm²
Height of installed product: 72 mm
Width of installed product: 72 mm
Depth of installed product: 48,5 mm

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