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Módulo Preventa 230V 50Hz

Módulo Preventa 230V 50Hz GSKC Telemecanique

IVA no incluido


Safety relay technical information:

  • Controlling voltage:
    • 24Vac / 24Vdc
  • Mounting:
    • DIN rail
  • Safety relay width:
    • 45.5mm

Safety relays
Safety relays with positively driven contacts were the first components available for safe monitoring of sensors and actuators. They are optimally used if your machine or system requires few safety functions and logic operations to be implemented, such as for example:

  • Emergency off / emergency stop
  • Monitoring of moving safety equipment (for example safety door)
  • Electro sensitive protective equipment
  • Two-hand control devices up to type IIIC
  • Speed monitoring

A safety relay for the safe monitoring of functions in machines and systems is based on relay technology with positively driven contacts according to EN 50205.

Positively driven contacts
In a safety device with integrated monitoring, the characteristic of positively driven operation is used for error detection. Dangerous errors, such as the welding of contacts, are thus reliably detected and a high level of safety is achieved.

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