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Technical data
Protection class: III
Switching current from ... to: 20 mA ... 3 A
Rated coil voltage: 24 V
Coil resistance min, typ, max: 468 kΩ, 520 kΩ, 572 kΩ
Number of enable current contacts: 2
Number of signalling current contacts: 2, in series production
Maximum switching voltage DC: 250 V DC
Maximum switching voltage AC: 250 V AC
Maximum switching power DC (switching voltage): 72 W (24 V DC)
Maximum switching power AC (switching voltage): 690 VA (230 V AC)
Maximum response time: 5 ms
Maximum pickup time: 20 ms
Mechanical life (relay contacts): 5*1E 07
Electrical life (relay contacts): 1*1E 05
Wire cross section from ... to: 0.5 mm² ... 2.5 mm²
Ambient operating temperature from ... to: -20 °C ... 60 °C
Mounting system type: Mounting rail DIN (EN 50022-35)
System part: Safety relays

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