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Hygienic, touchless, automatic door activation switch

IVA no incluido

Hygienic, touchless, automatic door activation switch.Detection range from 50-400 mm.3 different faceplate included.Microwave technology

Improved Hygiene
Improved Hygiene
  • Non-touch switch, ideal for applications where hygiene is of paramount importance such as white rooms, food processing, hospital and chemical industry applications

  • Detection distance can be adjusted between 5 and 40cm to suit all intended applications.
  • Toggle or Pulse mode settings possible

Water Resistant
Water Resistant
  • Water resistant foam gasket protects the switch from water damage

Reduced Time Onsite
Reduced Time Onsite
  • Flush mounted, removing the need for time consuming wall construction
Detection Method: 
K-Band 24.125Ghz - Microwave Motion Detection
Installation height: 
2 600 mm (8,5 ft) max.
Presence Timer: 


IP Rating: 
Power Supply: 
12 to 30V DC, 12 to 24V AC
Power Consumption: 

40mA (DC24V)

Operating temperature: 
20°C to +60°C, (-4°F to 131°F)
80g + 160g
Available Colours: 


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