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simatic S5-95U Processor Module

simatic S5-95U Processor Module, No New. Good Condition.

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Often referred to as the Simatic S5-95U, the Siemens 6ES5 095-8MA05 is a programmable controller for medium performance range applications. The compact controller features; 16Kbytes of memory (8K for application), 16 x 24V DC inputs, 4 x Interrupt inputs, 16 x 24V DC 0.5A Outputs, 2 x 16-bit counters and 1 x Analogue Voltage Output 0-10V output.

 The 6ES5095-8MA05 is the replacement for the 6ES5095-8MA01, 6ES5095-8MA02, 6ES5095-8MA03 and 6ES5095-8MA04. No modifications to your wiring and program are required to use the replacement controllers.

In 2013 the part was made obsolete by Siemens and is no longer fully support. That said the 6ES5095-8MA05 is still extensive used in industry particularly where space is at a premium and you can still get support from Northern Industrial. Part of the success of the S5-95U was the onboard analogue inputs and outputs that provide extremely short conversion times.

Mounting the S5-95U

The 6ES5 095-8MA05 can be mounted directly on walls or mounting plates. For this purpose, you need four wall brackets that can be pushed into the four openings on the rear of the casing and then mounted on the wall using screws.

The S5-95U snaps onto a 35 mm standard mounting rail, which also accommodates the bus units for the external I/O modules. Optionally, the S5-90U can also be fitted on a 35 mm standard mounting rail.

Power Supply Requirements

The 6ES5095-8MA05 can be connected directly to a 24 V DC voltage supply. Power supply modules providing 1 A to 10 A (at 24 V) are available for connection to 115/230 V AC.

I/O Specifications
Input/Outputs Onboard Maximum
Digital inputs / outputs 32 480
Analog inputs / outputs 9 41
Counter Inputs 2 66
Interupt Inputs 4 4


The I/O available to the controller can be expanded using expansion modules  from the S5-100U range.

PID Control

Many applications require PID control functions in addition to the usual control tasks. For this purpose, the operating system of the 6ES5095-8MA05 has a PID controller that can be called up from the program. The PID controller forms an integral part of the PLC's operating system and therefore takes up no space in the user memory.

Software Overview

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