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Stencil Printer SC 36

Impresora matrices desde teclado o PC

IVA no incluido


Impresora matrices desde teclado o PC

Character enter about PC or console.
Band width label 6, 9, 12, 18, 24,
36 mm.
Stencil tape 18, 24, 36 mm.
Until to 16 line printing.
Annulment 360 dpi.
Automatically film chapter.
Automatically half section.
Editor-Software 4.0 for Windows and
Many auto formats.
Up to 40 mm / sec
printing speed.

8 different multi cut variants.
Integrated supply.
Big LC-Display with 3 lines with 20 characters.
16 several bar codes.
USB-interfaces (V 1.1).
30 frames / background patern.

Purchased parts package:

Handbook, Software on a CD-ROM, USB-cable, power pack.

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